Past shows

metropolitan_career (1 van 1)Whatever lies in the past, should stay there really. It lives in our hearts and will remain there forever. Except for this one time where this one big girl held us hostage in the bathroom for several hours after a show with three people yelling bad stuff at us and throwing whatever they could find. The girl was removed by her father after he called us bad names, thinking we mistreated his daughter in the bathroom. All three of us… We left the town and never came back. Venue is not in the list below.

Some of the venues where we played

  • Incubate Festival (Tilburg, The Netherlands)
  • JH Moevement (Lier)
  • Kid’s Rhythm’n’blues kaffee (Antwerp)
  • Het Bos (Antwerp)
  • The Cookie (Leicester, United Kingdom)
  • Maiden’s Head (Canterbury, United Kingdom)
  • De Avenue (Breda, The Netherlands)
  • Muziekcentrum Kinky Star (Ghent)
  • Café Cabron (Antwerp)
  • Club Kamikaze (Mechelen)
  • Café Pilchard (Mechelen)
  • Den Geniepigen Drauck (Aalst)
  • Kievitsnest (Antwerp)
  • Café Papa Jos (Antwerp)
  • JH De Stip (Ham)
  • Café The Falk (Antwerp)
  • Pumrock festival (Voeren)
  • India’n Summer Festival (Overpelt)
  • De Wirwar (Turnhout)
  • DNA bar (Brussel)
  • Café Le Coq (Brussel)
  • ‘t Blok (Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, The Netherlands)
  • Antwerp Music City (Antwerp)
  • Jeugdhuis Kroenkel (Nijlen)