Who are we anyway?

Well that’s the question in life ain’t it? We believe we are Dead High Wire. A three piece outfit working its way through the ground zero of Belgian independent music. Stranded in No Man’s Land, Curiosityville, we hook up with garage zombies and crossbreed with postpunk mutants. Strumming our wobbly guitars, cranking our tape echo machine, hitting the drums and crashing the cymbals and a whole lot of juice. That’s how we rock, that’s how we roll. In our noisy scrapyard, we raised our triggerhappy offspring to become lustful robots of reverberation, tinkering a 4 song EP: Endless discussions bore me to death (recorded at Studio Jezus, Antwerp 2014 and b-side at Hightime studio, Oevel 2014).


Sacha Jennis : vocals, guitar
Ruben Peeters : guitar
Thijs Vloebergs : drums




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